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This section will explain how to set up the Download Node type and how to monitor your Internet connection.

Total Up/Down:
The Total Up/Down Node is used for monitoring your Internet usage. It will monitor all traffic going in and out from your computer to the Internet. The Total Up/Down node shows you the speed of all information that you are currently uploading and downloading combined.

To set it up, just "Choose the connection to monitor" from the list available. You can click on the arrow pointing down on the right of the box in order to view the entire list.

This Total Up/Down Node works the same as any other software that claims to be a bandwidth meter, speed meter, bandwidth monitor, or anything of the sort. Keep in mind that these products and the Total Up/Down Node do NOT do a speed test, they simply monitor the inbound/outbound traffic. If you would like to do a real speed test, then see the Speed Test Node section.

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