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This section will explain how to set up the Speed Test type and how to run speed tests on your Internet connection.

Speed Test:
The Speed Test is great for anyone who in connected to the Internet. Speed Test allows you to test your full bandwidth speed by downloading a file of a certian size from our webserver. You must have at least the Standard version to enable the Speed Test Node type.

The process that happens is simple, yet it provides you with excellent performance data of how fast your Internet Connection is. Speed Test will download a file from our server and measure the speed that it took for your connection to download it, then converts it into bps (bits per second), the same data type your ISP figures your download speed. As everybody knows, what speed they tell you that you are getting is always different from the speeds you really get. Im most cases the actual speed is much slower. Speed Test can help you by giving the proof, by printing out the results and also helping them to resolve the problems by seeing what time of day it is happening.

Setting it up is very simple. Just choose the Speed Test Node type, then choose the size of the file you would like to download. That is it, just that simple. The Speed Test Node uses bandwidth from our server and you will need to subscribe to a bandwidth package. The Gold version comes with a 2.9Gb package.

The download options that are available are as follows:

  • 10K (Recommended for dialup or less)
  • 100K (Recommended for connections less than 500kbps)
  • 250K (Recommended for connections less than 1Mbps)
  • 1M (Recommended for connections less than 3Mbps)
  • 2.5M (Recommended for connections less than 10Mbps)
  • 5M (Recommended for connections less than 20Mbps, or accurate readings)
  • 10M (Recommended for connections less than 30Mbps or very accurate readings)
  • 20M (Recommended for connections less than 100Mbps, or very accurate readings)
  • 50M (Recommended for high speed connections, or highly accurate readings)
  • 100M (Recommended for Very high speed connections, or extremely accurate readings)

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