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This section will help you through the registration procedure of Speed Test Pro, Speed Test Pro Silver and Speed Test Gold.

Registration procedure:
The first thing you will need is to purchase a registration key. If you have not already done so, you can do it here: Pricing

The next thing you will need to do is open the About Window by clicking on our company logo in the top left of the main Control Panel. Once you have opened the About Window, then click on the "Enter Registration" button and Five new boxes appear. Next copy your entire registration key (including the "-"s, and NO leading or trailing spaces) and paste it onto the first box. Speed Test will seperate the key into the five boxes for you. To COPY, press and hold the CTRL key while pressing the "C" key. To PASTE, press and hold the CTRL key while pressing the "V" key.

This next part is very important. Make sure you set your firewall to allow both INCOMMING and OUTGOING messages from Speed Test to the Registration server on the Internet. Speed Test will need to verify your registration key and the registration server will respond to Speed Test to tell the results of the verification. You will need to save these settings in your firewall for when Speed Test needs to verify it again, so you won't be interupted.

Once you have setup your firewall to allow Speed Test, then click on the "Register" button. If it succeds then it will show a message saying "Thank you for your support" and that you will need to restart Speed Test.

If a message comes back saying that the key is Invalid then you have entered your registration key wrong, please take note that the letter "O" looks much like the number "0".

If a message comes back saying that your key cannot be verified, then it could be that you need to reset your registration key. Please note that each key is only valid for 1 computer. This message could also be that your firewall is still not allowing Speed Test to verify your registration key. In this case, be sure your firewall is settings are saved to allow Speed Test and then restart your computer.

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