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Speed Test
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Speed TestBBMonitorSpeed Test
Speed Test
Speed Test
Free TrialFREE
Available Nodes
Real Internet Bandwidth Speed Testing *
Website Real Bandwidth
Website Response Time
Download Transfer Speed
Upload Transfer Speed
Total Transfer Speed
Download Errors
Upload Errors
Total Errors
LAN (or Home Network) Real Bandwidth Speed
Ping Testing
WIFI Signal Strength
CPU Usage
RAM Avail/Usage
Virtual Memory Avail/Usage
Page File Avail/Usage
System Uptime
Hard Drive Free Space
Hard Drive Read Activity
Hard Drive Write Activity
Hard Drive Total Activity
Battery Charge/Available
Single Process Memory Usage
Available Graphs
Line Graph
Bar Graph
SysTray Icon Numbers
Systray Icon Bars
Systray Icon Line Graph
Vista Sidebar Gadget
Total Graphs Allowed1125Unlimited
Total Nodes Allowed134UnlimitedUnlimited
Logging of Data
View Logs in Graph
Alert Wizard (Rules)
Print Graphs
Bandwidth Package Included2.2 GB * 12.9 GB * 13.6 GB * 3

* Bandwidth Package rates apply while using the Speed Test Node. However keep in mind that Speed Test Pro has many other ways to test your maximum Internet Speed without this bandwidth package.

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